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Pet Nutrition Essentials for
Veterinary Professionals

your guide to integrating nutrition into every day practice

Do any of these sound familiar?

You know that nutrition is considered the 5th vital assessment but want to gain confidence in making diet recommendations beyond just the "big 3" brands.

You'd like to learn about alternative diets such as fresh prepared and home cooked meals.

You want to start implementing dietary assessments at every visit.

You have a goal to expand your understanding of canine and feline nutrition so that you can treat your patients more holistically.

If you answered yes, then this course is for you!

But do I really need to take a course?

Nearly 90% of pet owners want a dietary recommendation from their veterinarian, but 15% actually feel that they receive one.

Nutrition is essential to the foundation of good health, and is considered the 5th vital assessment. But many veterinarians and technicians feel that school did not provide enough education on this extremely important topic.

Food can either serve as medicine or poison. Assessing each and every patient's diet is essential, but you need the tools to do so.


Pet Nutrition Essentials for Veterinary Professionals

a complete guide to integrating nutrition into every day practice!

take a peek inside...


Basics of Pet Nutrition

Learn the essentials of canine and feline nutritional needs including...

  • Review of canine and feline anatomy and how it relates to nutrition

  • Macronutrient requirements of canines and felines

  • Feeding frequency and feeding methods


Pet Food Labels

A thorough explanation of how to efficiently assess pet food labels. You'll learn...

  • Common marketing schemes

  • Should you recommend non-GMO/organic?

  • Feeding trials vs formulated diets

  • What are variable formula diets?

  • 5 key questions of food assessment

  • Evaluating the ingredient list

  • Guaranteed analysis conversions


Life Stage Feeding

A patient's diet should change as they age. Learn how and when to change a patient's diet throughout...

  • Puppy and kittenhood

  • Adult years

  • Senior years

  • Pregnancy/lactation


Weight Management

Nearly 60% of pets are overweight or obese. Obesity is linked to numerous diseases, all of which can be prevented by maintaining a healthy body weight. This module will cover...

  • Calorie calculations

  • Development of tailored weight management plans

  • Ideal diet selection for overweight pets

  • Client communication regarding a pet's weight


Alternative Diets

Kibble isn't the only option for our patients. Here you will learn about...


  • Potential concerns associated with kibble

  • How to formulate home-cooked diets that are complete and balanced

  • How to discuss raw diets with clients


Bonus Material

Should you recommend supplements? What treats should your patients be fed? Here we will cover..


  • When to use vitamin supplements

  • Probiotics

  • CBD

  • Fish oil supplement

  • Joint supplements

  • Making treat recommendations

each module includes...

Recorded presentations

Powerpoint slides


PLUS THESE bonuses

Step by step tutorial on creating complete and balanced home-cooked recipes


Spreadsheet for automatic guaranteed analysis conversions


Weight loss plan template, dietary assessment worksheet and client handouts



A comprehensive spreadsheet evaluating the quality of the most common pet foods 

meet your instructor


Hi! I'm Dr. Hillary Wolfe, a veterinarian and creator of the Pet Nutrition Essentials for Veterinary Professionals. I received my DVM from Kansas State University and have over 13 years of experience in the veterinary field. Beyond my veterinary degree, I am also certified in both conventional and natural nutrition for pets.

It is my belief that making a blanket recommendation of the "top 4" kibble companies for all pets is doing our patients a disservice. There is so much that goes into selecting a pet food, and one size does not fit all. I'm excited to share with you practical information that you can implement right away in practice! 

Image by Greeshma Gangadharan

Frequently asked questions...

Do I have to have a DVM to register for this course?

No! This course is suitable for technicians, veterinarians, or anyone who works in the field of animal health and well-being. 

How long will the course take to complete?

There are 6 classes with approximately 10 hours of video instruction that make up the core of the course. The timeframe and pace at which you complete the core of the course is totally up to you!

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the videos inside the course. Research is constantly underway, so you will also receive free access to updates or additions to the course over time.

Will I receive continuing education credit?

This course is not RACE approved for CE credits, but this may change in the future. Although you will not receive official CE credit, I guarantee you will be able to make immediate changes in every day practice upon completion of this course!

Here is my 100% money back guaranteed promise to you

Take 15 days to review the Pet Nutrition Essentials for Veterinary Professionals Course. If you don’t feel more confident about implementing nutrition into general practice, I will issue a full refund if you watch all the videos for classes 1-6 and complete the worksheet on your pet's current diet assessment.

Just contact me directly for an immediate refund. 

No refunds are available after 15 days from the purchase date.

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