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Top 10 Most Popular Football Betting Types

If you're into betting, odds, and football betting in particular, you probably want to know about the various football betting types available in today's market. Each type of bet carries its own significance, odds, and gameplay. Don't let yourself be at a disadvantage by not understanding or knowing all the available betting types. In the following article, the number one betting site – bet win tips, will introduce you to the top 10 most popular betting types.

Asian Handicap (Handicap Betting)

This is a betting level suitable for players in the Asian region. The odds offered by these bookmakers are diverse and enticing, allowing players to comfortably make their choices.

Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap betting, teams are divided into favorites (stronger teams) and underdogs (weaker teams). When these two teams compete, to create fairness and excitement in betting, a specific number of goals may be given to the favorite team against the underdog. From here, Asian Handicap has evolved into various types such as Half Goal Handicap, One Goal, or Three Quarter Goal Handicap, etc.

Over/Under (Total Goals)

If you're betting on a reputable site like wintips, you shouldn't overlook Over/Under bets. In football betting, Over/Under is popular because it's easy to understand. In this type of bet, you predict the total number of goals scored in a match with a specific number. Simply bet whether this number will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) to win.

Nowadays, besides predicting the number of goals, bookmakers also offer odds for the number of cards, penalties, and many other situations that can yield specific numbers.

1x2 Betting (Home Draw Away)

1x2 Betting, also known as Match Betting, is a type where players choose one of three outcomes: Win – Draw – Lose. The rule for winning and losing in betting is straightforward: whatever outcome you bet on determines your winnings based on the odds offered by good betting site. 1X2 Betting is also diverse, giving players many options to participate.

1x2 Betting

Combined 3-Way Betting

Another popular football betting type is the 3-Way bet, a combination of the Asian Handicap and 1x2 bets. In this betting category, players still choose one of three outcomes: Win – Draw – Lose. However, it doesn't stop there; similar to the Asian Handicap, a handicap is applied to determine the overall result. This way, players make simple but exciting bets thanks to the handicap rule.

Draw No Bet

Many people find the 3-way bet too risky because if the two teams draw, they'll suffer a loss. That's why some top bookmakers offer the Draw No Bet option. In this bet, players only wager on which team will win the match. If the match ends in a draw, players don't lose their bet; instead, the bookmaker refunds their wager.

Even/Odd Goal Betting

In addition to Over/Under betting, you can also bet on the total number of goals being odd or even. The two options are Odd or Even. It's a straightforward and easy-to-understand betting method that mainly relies on chance. However, learning and understanding the rules will help you win more. For this type of bet, players wager on whether the total goals scored by both teams will be odd or even. If the final result is even, the player wins, and vice versa.

Goal Betting

Both Team to Score (BTTS)

Don't be surprised if both teams score during a match. As the name suggests, in this type of bet, you can understand the meaning of your bet. Players bet on one of two options: Yes (Both teams will score) or No (One or both teams will not score). Of course, determining whether you've chosen correctly is straightforward.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is a type where players predict which team will score first or if neither team will score. This type of bet predicts which team will score the opening goal, the next goal, or if there will be no goals. It's mainly offered by reputable, high-quality bookmakers with expert teams providing various betting odds. This bet is used for major matches and is easy to play because the winning odds are 50-50.

Betting on Margin of Victory

One of the top 10 football betting types that wintips wants to mention is betting on the margin of victory. In this bet, you predict the goal difference between the two teams when they play. You can bet on either one half or the full match as you prefer. What will be the scoreline for that team when the match ends?

Margin of Victory Betting

The odds for this bet open before the match begins. There are many options for players to bet on, such as: Both teams draw 0-0, a draw but with a score difference of 0 – 0, betting on the home or away team to win by 1, 2 goals, 3 goals, or 4 goals or more.

The method for calculating the margin of victory odds is as follows: Winnings = Player's bet amount x corresponding betting odds offered by betting site in india for the number of goals. However, this bet is only valid for 90 minutes of the match and does not include extra time. Betting will be void if the match is postponed or canceled.

Above, wintips has shared with you the top 10 most popular football betting types today. Each type of bet has its own characteristics, gameplay, and odds. Hopefully, through this article, you've gained useful information and will achieve more victories when participating. Now, visit the website to choose the suitable betting type and start experiencing it!


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