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Trend 2024: Narrow Couple Rings Set in a Blended Setting

Rings for life

Let the Meister specialist retailer's wedding ring experts guide you to peace. Explore the vast array of wedding rings, from classic, timeless designs to unique designs. You can rely on a price range that is as broad as it is beautiful. At Meister every ring is designed and made specifically for the bride and groom, using the highest quality platinum or gold alloys. We hope that you have fun trying them on and finding out!

The trend of getting wedding bands that are narrower has been increasing for several years. The smaller the ring and the smaller the diamonds can be set. The Fischer wedding ring manufacturer has reduced the size of diamonds set to create a dazzling shine with many stones, even on narrow rings.

Until recently, the smallest diamond size processed was 1.3 millimeters. But Fischer has begun to process diamonds with a diameter of 1.0 millimeters. The trend is towards a fine blended setting, which makes the diamonds look gorgeously delicate and elegant, especially when the wedding rings are narrow designs.

The diamonds in six of the 13 new models are set in waves, with some of them joined and some of them like constellations or natural organic shapes. The seemingly chaotic arrangement that, at the end, reveals an exciting harmony, brings out completely new dimensions at Fischer. The designers were particularly innovative with these wedding ring designs and combined two types of setting techniques: the technique of rubbing diamonds, and the blended setting.

The engagement promotion for the ring is held in November/December.

From November 19th through December 19th from November 19th to December 19th, the Meister jewelry manufacturer will offer you the exclusive carefree package when you purchase an Meister solitaire engagement ring. A discounted price is also included. You don't have to worry about the exact size of the ring, since the ring will be adjusted to the finger of your fiancee after the proposal.

This Meister engagement ring can be worn along with the Meister Wedding Ring without changes to the appearance or the comfort.

Design your own proposal ring

Whether white gold or platinum polished or crafted, delicate or eye-catching with an XL diamond or very subtle: With the Meister 3D configurator it is easy to design the ring individually and order it - either directly online or from your Meister jeweler partner. After about 30 days, you can receive the item you have designed.

New wedding ring collections

Rauschmayer's wedding ring collection is extravagant, stunning and elegant. The maker of wedding rings uses the mix-and-match concept in all its collections. It also plays with metals, surfaces and diamonds in the trisets in order to give them an unique appearance.

Filigree rings are still popular. The delicate decorations along the edges give these rings a playful frame and allow the diamonds to shine with a more piercing shine. All rings can be mixed and match individually. "Mix and Match", the motto, allows brides to play with shapes and colors. It is not unusual for couples to select different alloys.


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