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When you get a heart by crafting or completing Malignant Tunnels, simply slot the Caged Heart like you would a gem if the socket matches. The first heart I slotted on Diablo 4 gold my Druid was the Vicious Heart to summon a wold companion. With a quick slot, I had a passive that gave me another minion with minimal effort.

Where to Get Caged Hearts in Diablo 4

Caged Hearts are most often found in Malignant Tunnels, such as the Dindai Hollow in the southern section of the Dry Steppes. Malignant Tunnels are the seasonal version of dungeons that pit you against Malignant enemies. Tougher enemies can spawn the Malignant Hearts, and upon their defeat, you get a Caged Heart. Tunnels can easily be found by looking for gates with a green leaf on the map.

You can also craft Caged Hearts by using the table next to Corman, the main character in the Season of Diablo IV gold the Malignant Story. Like Nightmare Sigils, these will require some extra resources to craft. Most of what you need includes Malignant Ichor.

To start collecting some of those resources, check out our guide on how to get Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4 Season 1.


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