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Mmoexp FUT 24:Maintaining defensive

Happy birthday to EA FC 24 EA FC 24 Coins enthusiasts! In celebration of this milestone, we're diving into the intricacies of defense in the EA FC 24, breaking down three essential pro tips to elevate your defensive game. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these techniques will help you become a formidable force on the pitch.

Positioning Inside the 18-yard Box:

Effective defense starts with solid positioning inside the 18-yard box. The key is to stabilize your defender and resist the urge to commit to a specific side prematurely. When your opponent attempts to break down your defense, they want you to commit, creating openings for a shot on goal.

To maintain a strong defensive stance, avoid being overly aggressive with the left stick. Instead, focus on stabilizing your defender by lightly using the left stick. By patiently waiting for your opponent's move, you force them into making mistakes. If they make an aggressive movement, seize the opportunity to intercept the ball or make a tackle.

Right Stick Switching Inside the Box:

Mastering right stick switching is crucial for effective defense. Practice switching between your center backs and wing backs seamlessly, especially in tight spaces. Force yourself to use the right stick exclusively for player selection; this can be done by taping off the L1 button temporarily.

Anticipation is a valuable skill when it comes to right stick switching. Pay attention to your opponent's body language – if they face a particular direction, it's a good indication of their intended play. This advanced technique allows you to be one step ahead, positioning your defender to intercept passes or disrupt the flow of play.

Maintaining defensive shape is essential, and right stick switching is the key to achieving this. Practice regularly to improve your speed and accuracy in selecting players with the right stick.

Approach, Back Off, and Approach Technique:

In one-on-one situations, mastering the approach, back off, and approach technique can make the difference between a successful tackle and conceding a goal. This technique involves approaching your opponent, backing off with L2 and R2, and then approaching again with R2.

The initial approach forces your opponent to buy FC Coins make a decision – either pass the ball away or attempt a skill move. By backing off with L2 and R2, you create distance and gain valuable time to read your opponent's intentions. Releasing L2 and approaching again with R2 allows you to time your tackle effectively.

This technique is a powerful tool for buying time, understanding your opponent's moves, and ultimately forcing them into making mistakes. It requires practice, but once mastered, it becomes a game-changer in one-on-one defensive situations.

As we celebrate the first anniversary of EA FC 24, take your defensive skills to the next level with these three pro tips. Positioning, right stick switching, and the approach, back off, and approach technique are fundamental aspects of defending that can turn the tide in your favor.


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