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Have the confidence to make the best nutritional choices for your pet.

Nourish & Flourish Group Coaching Program 

This is a self-study program (with tons of support) that is designed to take you from confused and overwhelmed to completely confident in what to feed your pet!

Do you ever...

  • Feel completely overwhelmed about how to pick a pet food?

  • Leave the veterinarian frustrated that you were not given a diet recommendation?

  • Wonder if your pet's food is potentially harming them?

  • Lack trust in commercial pet food companies?

  • Wish that you had more guidance and support with your pet's nutrition?

  • Look at pet food ingredient lists and feel confused about what most of it means?

  • Want to explore homemade pet food but don't know where to start?

  • Wish you had a roadmap for optimizing your pet's health through nutrition?

If so, you aren't alone!​​

Peli Pop Up-61_edited.png

Only 15% of pet parents receive a nutrition recommendation from their veterinarian.


And this usually only consists of what brand to feed - an outdated, one-size-fits-all approach.

Even when a brand recommendation is given, most pet parents leave still feeling uncertain about it given all the conflicting opinions and ideas when it comes to pet nutrition.

Here's why you need to go beyond the brand.

Every pet has a unique set of nutritional needs depending on their...

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Body condition score

  • Lifestyle

  • Neuter status

  • Underlying health conditions

  • And more​

Feeding the wrong formula or homemade recipe to a pet can contribute to or worsen chronic diseases like skin allergies, gut issues, diabetes, and obesity among others.

What your pet needs is a complete, personalized nutrition plan tailored to their unique needs.


Imagine how you'll feel when...

Holding Paw
  • You can confidently select a pet food knowing it's perfect for your pet's needs

  • You feel assured that your pet's diet will support their health and longevity

  • You are certain that the food company is reputable and their diets are safe

  • Your pet's energy levels go up and they start acting like a different dog

  • You no longer have to spend hours online researching pet nutrition to figure out what's best

  • You save money on vet bills because you're using nutrition to prevent health issues

Introducing Nourish & Flourish

Group Coaching Program

This program is the first of its kind created by a veterinarian and certified food therapist. It gives you a proven system to selecting the most optimal diet for your pet - one that supports their health and longevity to the fullest - all while working alongside an expert.

Nourish consists of 5 modules - a new module is released to you each week along with a manual and a worksheet to help you integrate each week’s lesson. You will also meet with Dr. Wolfe in a live weekly call for 6 weeks where she will answer your questions and give you personalized nutrition suggestions for your pet.

Jax and Alex - Alex Mill - The Zen Life.png

"Jax is living proof that Nourish was worth every penny.


He has always been a happy, playful dog, but now he plays fetch like a puppy and seems to have a ton of energy. His latest blood test from the vet with flying colors was all the evidence I needed.


It feels so good to see him so healthy. I'm so grateful!"

- Alex, Nourish student

Here's how it all breaks down:

Module 1


The Basics of Pet Nutrition

Learn the essentials of your pet's nutritional needs, the scoop on macronutrients, and the pros and cons of all the different diets on the market (raw, cooked, kibble, freeze dried etc) to determine which is the right choice for your pet.

Module 2


Choosing the Right Pet Food

Here's where we dig deep into understanding pet food labels & ingredient lists, investigating pet food companies, detecting marketing schemes, and more. You'll walk away with a fail-proof system for choosing the best food for your pet.

Module 3


Building Your Pet's Nutrition Plan

Learn how to optimize your pet's diet based on their current unique needs. By feeding a tailored diet you can increase their lifespan and reduce their chance of future illness!

Module 4


Homemade Diets

Even if you prefer commercial pet food, this is a module you don't want to miss. Get step by step guidance on how to build balanced, customized meals for your pet. Even if it's only a small portion of their diet, it can be a game changer for your pet's health!

Module 5



We cover the research behind common supplements - you may be shocked at what you learn! Gain confidence with choosing supplement brands and knowing what products will actually benefit your pet. No more wasting money!


  • SIX WEEKS OF live coaching sessions with Dr. Wolfe

  • A to Z Ingredient Guide

  • Calorie calculator tool

  • Macronutrient analysis calculator tool

  • BalanceIT recipe tutorial

  • 12 sample recipes

  • Mini lesson: how to evaluate treats

  • Mini lesson: supporting gut health through nutrition

And everything in the program is research backed, so you can be certain you're receiving the most up to date and accurate information possible.

Not only will you receive the entire Nourish framework, but you will also get exclusive access to connect directly with Dr. Wolfe!

Peli Pop Up-67.jpg

You'll get 6 weeks of personalized support as you go through the curriculum and begin building the perfect meal plan for your pet. 

There is no other program out there with this kind of expert support!

Meet Dr. Wolfe

Veterinarian & Certified Food Therapist

After losing my beloved dog Rhyley to stomach cancer, I just knew deep inside that nutrition may have been the key to changing her fate.

Just as in humans, nutrition can be used as the foundation to health in pets - a way to prevent disease, slow aging, and improve quality of life.

So I went back to school to become a food therapist for pets, and have spent the last 5 years helping people use nutrition to heal their pets from the inside out! I am so thankful to have found my passion, and love seeing the difference my program makes in the lives of people and their pets.

I live and practice in Florida with my husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs. To learn more about my background and training, click the button below. I'm so glad you're here!


"Nourish is the best thing I have done for the health and well being of my dog. The knowledge Dr. Wolfe provided was worth every penny. Zero regrets!

- Jeannine, Nourish Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My dog doesn't seem to have any health issues. Do I really need to change their diet?
    Nutrition related illnesses often don't show up until years down the line, and can be irreversible if detected too late. Even if your pet seems healthy now, it doesn't mean they are on the best diet for their needs. By being proactive and optimizing your pet's diet NOW while they're still healthy, you have the chance to make an incredible impact on their future health and lifespan.
  • Do I need any background in nutrition to enroll?
    Nope! This course is suitable for pet parents who have absolutely no background in pet nutrition.
  • My pet has a medical condition. Can I still enroll?
    It depends on what they have going on. While I do not discuss specific medical conditions inside the course, I can give you personalized support within the live calls. Conditions that I can cover include: - Skin allergies - Gut health issues - Arthritis - Heart disease If your pet has a different medical condition and you want to see if it's something I can cover, send me an email at
  • What is the time commitment?
    The course material takes about 6 hours to complete (around 1 hour of material each week), but there is no rush! You have lifetime access so the videos can be watched on your own schedule. Each live call will run between 1 to 2 hours per week.
  • How long do I have access to the content?
    How does lifetime access sound?! Go back to the course material anytime you would like to update your pet's diet - this is great for when your pet enters another life stage (eg adult to senior), gains or loses weight, has a change in their activity levels etc.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes! I want you completely satisfied with your experience, which is why if you watch the videos and attend the weekly calls but are still unsatisfied, you will receive a 100% refund if requested within 21 days of enrollment. Note that refunds will not be approved for those who do not attend the calls or watch the modules. I know this course will change your pet's life, so I want everyone who enrolls to give it a fair chance. Please do not enroll unless you are sure you want to complete the material!

Still not sure? See for yourself how Nourish has changed the lives of pets and their guardians:

Pet Parent Reviews

If you love your pet, you NEED to enroll in Nourish. Jax is living proof that it's worth every penny. He has always been a happy, playful dog, but now he plays fetch like a puppy and seems to have a ton of energy. His latest blood test from the vet with flying colors was all the evidence I needed. It feels so good to see him so healthy. I'm so grateful!


Alex, Nourish student

Jax and Alex - Alex Mill - The Zen Life.png
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