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Have a patient who needs a nutrition referral? Looking to gain confidence in making nutrition recommendations?

Dr. Wolfe is currently accepting referrals for custom homemade recipe packages for dogs. She also has resources that can help you and your team develop confidence in performing nutritional assessments and making diet recommendations in every day practice.  Check out the services below and click the links to get started.


Recipe Formulation

Have a client who wants to cook for their pet? Refer them to Dr. Wolfe for a customized recipe package. Your client will receive...

  • A 30 minute virtual consultation

  • Fully customized complete and balanced homemade recipes (packages of 2 to 6 recipes available)

  • Six weeks of email follow up with me

This service is available for dogs over 1 year of age and under 100 pounds. Following recipe formulation, you will also receive the recipe packet for review.


To refer your client for a recipe consult, simply have them scan the QR code below or have them email


Pet Nutrition Courses

Does your team lack confidence when it comes to nutrition recommendations? Enroll in Nourish: The Ultimate Guide to Pet Nutrition to take your clinic from novice to expert!

While this course was originally geared towards dog and cat owners, numerous veterinarians have enrolled to become more confident in discussing nutrition and making customized nutrition recommendations. Click the link below to learn more.

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