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Welcome to Tula Veterinary Nutrition! I'm Dr. Wolfe, small animal veterinarian and certified food therapist for pets. I started my journey in the veterinary field in 2008. In 2011, I received a Bachelor's degree in biology and then my doctorate degree in veterinary medicine in 2015.

Since graduating, I have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in pet nutrition. I now hold several certifications in both kibble and fresh food diets, reflecting my expertise in diverse nutritional approaches.

Nutrition & client education are my biggest passions. I love teaching pet parents how to improve their pet's nutrition for health and longevity. Nutrition is the foundation to your pet's health! But there is a LOT of information out there and it's not all correct (and could even cause your pet harm). 

At Tula, my mission is clear: cut through the noise and offer you trustworthy info on pet nutrition. I'm here to craft customized meal plans for your fur babies, ensuring they live their happiest, healthiest lives.


Why "Tula"?

Tula is Sanskrit for "balance". This word is meaningful to me for two reasons. First and foremost, our pet's meals must be complete and balanced to provide them with all of the nutrients they need. But I primarily chose this name because I utilize something called integrative nutrition.


What exactly is integrative nutrition? It's about achieving a harmonious blend of...


A holistic approach, where your pet is viewed as a complete entity rather than honing in on one specific aspect of their body.


Personalized care, ensuring your pet won't be given a generic plan! Instead, their nutrition strategy will be customized to meet their distinctive requirements.


Diversity, offering options for kibble lovers, fans of commercial fresh food, or those who prefer homemade pet meals—I've got a diet plan for every preference.


A preventive mindset, concentrating on using food as a proactive measure to ward off potential issues in the future, rather than waiting until disease shows up. 

If any of that resonates with you, I would love to chat about how I can help your pet receive optimal nutrition! Feel free to check out my resources or send me an email at


Bachelor of Science in Biology

Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification

CIVT Veterinary Natural Nutrition Certification

Chi University Food Therapy Certification

In progress:

NAVC Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification

CIVT Veterinary Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition Certification

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