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Take control
of your
pet's nutrition



Finally, pet nutrition support that meets you where you're at.

You probably feel like you’ve read every article and blog imaginable when it comes to pet nutrition, but are left still feeling lost and overwhelmed.


Well rest assured you've come to the right place!

As a veterinarian and food therapist for pets, I combine scientific research and years of my own expertise to develop custom diet plans using a holistic approach - one that support a pet's whole well-being and sets them up for a long and healthy life.

No more wondering, no more worrying. It's time to have complete confidence in your pet's nutrition!

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Here's how I can help

It's time to go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain into a state of confidence and peace about your pet's nutrition.

My holistic approach can transform your pet's diet from suboptimal to fully supportive of their health and longevity!


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1:1 Support and

Personalized Nutrition Plan

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1:1 Consult with Custom Homemade Recipe Formulation

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Nourish: The Ultimate Guide to Pet Nutrition Group Coaching Program

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The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Pet Food Mini Course

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Join my FREE Pet Nutrition Masterclass!

Hi! I'm Dr. Wolfe

Veterinarian & Certified Food Therapist

My journey with pet nutrition may resonate with your own. At 19, I adopted my first dog Rhyley who soon became my soul dog. I had little to no clue what to feed her and was just given a list of a few brands to stick to with no further guidance.

Sadly, Rhyley developed cancer at age 12, which is very young for a miniature pinscher. Even during her illness, I received no direction on how nutrition could support her through her final days.

After losing Rhyley, I embarked on a quest to understand how food can be used not just to manage illness once a pet is sick but to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

And what I've found through years of training in nutrition is that you need much more than just a brand recommendation! An optimized and tailored nutrition plan—one that goes beyond the brand—can add years to your pet's life and reduce their chances of developing an illness.

So, I chose to be a guiding light for others facing similar struggles with their pet's nutrition. Today, I am aligned with my true purpose: empowering pet parents like you to take control of their pet's nutrition.

You don't have to go through this alone! I can help your pet live their life to the fullest by laying a solid foundation for their health—through nutrition.

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Alex, Nourish Student

"If you love your pet, you NEED to enroll in Nourish. Jax is living proof that Nourish was worth every penny. He has always been a happy, playful dog, but now after adding fresh food to his diet he plays fetch like a puppy and seems to have a ton of energy. His latest blood test from the vet with flying colors was all the evidence I needed. It feels so good to see him so healthy. I'm so grateful!"

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Nourish Student

"This course will change your pet's life.


I enrolled in Nourish because I was trying to find the best possible way to help my little guy overcome his picky eating, GI & sensitive skin issues. This course has made the ultimate difference in the way my dog responds to meal times."

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Ivanna, Nourish Student

"Nourish is the best thing you can do if you love your dogs and want them to live a long life!


I love how Dr. Wolfe is so passionate about what she does and teaches and I just sincerely trust her and just know that she wants us to learn how to give our fur babies the best nutrition and lifestyle possible!"

Is Nourish the best program for upgrading your pet's nutrition?


3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Pet's Nutrition

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